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LM9503, new color style for laminate flooring

View: 13010/09/2017  

   Laminate Flooring-Mediterranean-style floors are dominated by elegant tones and a texture of logs with advanced pattern alignment techniques. Elegant colors make indoor areas more spacious and bright with an added degree of natural and comfort. And the long strip floor holds a sense of superiority in extending space, which is much more suitable to create an atmosphere for the loft or small spaces.

Why Richwood Flooring?


Richwood laminate flooring is classic, fashion, natural, healthy, innovation and beautiful. Easy and quick installation without glue, fashion color, saving time, reduced cost...Why not Richwood Flooring?



With 30 collections and 1000 decors, Richwood laminate flooring make sure users get the best laminate flooring for every setting and requirement. With true understanding and communications, our customers and we are partners. Such a solid foundation for you, Why not Richwood Flooring?


Quality & Price

Richwood laminate flooring is committed to give you the quality you deserve.


Using ISO9001 standard & German Technology, we invested a lot in Research & Development.


With more than 10years experience Sales team, Quality Control team and a fully equipped lab for quality testing, providing you the Highest Quality Products at Competitive Pricing, then Why not Richwood Flooring?


Richwood Flooring, Beyond your Imagination!


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