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Advantages of laminate

View: 16101/14/2016  

Aside from sparing the life of trees, particularly rare, exotic species, laminate flooring has several advantages over real hardwood flooring. 

First, comparable visuals and designs can be achieved at a fraction of the cost to the end-user. Second, laminate flooring can be installed both above and below grade, where hardwood flooring can only be installed above grade.

Third, laminate flooring is installed without nails or glue, making it a perfect choice for do-it-yourselfers. 

Forth, Laminate flooring is generally designed to be scratch-resistant and fade resistant, two areas where solid hardwood flooring is known to be more vulnerable.

Another big advantage is that of price: laminate flooring is typically half the cost of traditional hardwood flooring. Sometimes the savings are even greater, depending on the types of flooring in question.

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