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Date: 2018/07/02

One of the most important factors to consider your interior design is the degree of integration and harmony you wish to achieve for the various parts of your home or work space. For flooring, something as basic as the right style of molding can make all the difference in adding flow and continuity, as well as a sense of unity to an interior.

1.Skirting: Also called Baseboard or wallboard. It serves as a transition from a horizontal surface (e.g. your new laminate floor) to the verkical surface of a wall. Border the floor at the base of the wall to give your room a finished looking.

2. F type End-cap: This is a perfect way to separate your laminate flooring to the carpet. (Using with the track)

7 type End-cap: It is used as the finishing touch of the flooring edge at outside doors.

3. Quarter Round: Finish the transition between the floor and the wall surfaces. It is used in the same way as a baseboard.

Concave line: Also called shoe molding. It is used to finish the transition between the floor and the wall surfaces.

4. Stair nose (Flush&Overlap): Finish your steps with this beautiful molding (Using with the track). Also making a transition from your floor to the edge of a flight of stairs or steps.

5. T-molding: It is one of the most common molding. Bridge the gap between two same level (height) surfaces.(Using with the track)

6.Reducer: A flush mounting transition from your laminate flooring to lower hard surface floorings.(Using with the track)

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