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How to match the color to the wood flooring of your home
 Sep 10, 2019|View:576

When designing the full view of your home color, the largest color area is the ground except the wallboard. Therefore, How to choose the color of the floor is most important. Well,how should we choose the wood laminate flooring color? In the following content, Let me introduce to you below.

Log wood style with Bali series flooring

Bali series flooring

Modern style with Eiffel series flooring

Eiffel series flooring

Concise style with Mediterranean series flooring

Mediterranean series flooring

Nordic style with Spanish Lami series flooring

Spanish Lami series flooring

The above four introductions are all combinations of light-colored household wood flooring. This color floor is also the most versatile, and is suitable for almost any home style. Of course,except this light-colored style, the neutral yellow-brown floor under the Lami series is also a good choice for your home improvement.

Log wood style with Triumphal arch series flooring

Triumphal arch series flooring

Light industrial style with Nile series flooring

Nile series flooring

Vintage style with Pattaya series flooring

Pattaya series flooring

Yellow-brown home improvement wood flooring is also a common style, and it is also widely used in various home decoration styles, it is basically does not have a big conflict with the decoration style. Here give you a small suggestion,in order to create a harmonious home decoration atmosphere, when you choosing the flooring, not only consider the color of the floor, but also take into account the overall decoration style.

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