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The Composition of SPC flooring
 Nov 08, 2019|View:351

In the eyes of consumers, when they begin to choose flooring for their homes, in addition to some factors as cost-effectiveness and appearance, the most important thing is environmental-friendly. How can we meet these needs at the same time? Let's take a look at SPC flooring together.


SPC flooring is a practical and beautiful floor. Its overall structure is divided into multiple layers. The basic material layer is a composite material which combines stone powder and some polymer thermoplastic materials and through high temperature extrusion. Stone powder increases its strength, while the thermoplastic materials gives it a certain degree of flexibility.

The decor film layer is a layer of PVC film with a pattern design, which can be changed according to the needs of the user, so that it can be applied in more places.

At the top of decor film layer is a wear layer that reduces the damage caused by the impact of the floor during use.

The final top layer is transparent UV coating, and the UV coating forms a UV film under the action of the curing agent, which covers the wearlayer in all directions to improve the saturation of the flooring color and make sure the color will not fade.

As can be seen from the above, SPC flooring can be embodied in a variety of styles, and will not release harmful gases, which is more secure. Friends who are interested in SPC flooring are welcome to contact us. We have quality products and good service. Welcome you to purchase.

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