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Pick laminate flooring, just need these three tricks
 Dec 13, 2019|View:615

Through the introduction of the previous content, i think you may know the advantages of laminate flooring. The advantages of beautiful appearance, wear resistance, durability, and reasonable price also make laminate flooring always loved by consumers. So in the face of the variety of laminate flooring on the market, do you know how to choose? Don't worry, pick a quality laminate floor, just these three tricks.

laminate flooring


First look at the signs. According to GB / T 18102-2007 national standard requirements: before the product is put into storage, the product model, trademark, production date, formaldehyde release limit mark, surface abrasion resistance and corresponding number of revolutions should be marked on the appropriate part of the product. The product packaging mark should also include the name, category, grade, quantity, and moisture and sun protection of the manufacturer. If these data are missing, buy with caution!


Unpack the purchased laminate flooring and store them in a hut at about 25 ° C. After being closed for 24 hours, open the door of the cabin and smell it with your nose. Or cut it into small pieces and put it into a fresh-keeping box with better airtightness. After standing in the environment at about 25 ° C for 24 hours, quickly open the vent hole of the fresh-keeping box to smell the smell. If you notice a pungent odor of formaldehyde, or even discomfort to your eyes, use it sparingly.


As we all know, the surface abrasion resistance is an important indicator for examining the quality of laminate flooring. You can press your thumb on the sandpaper and continue to work hard, control it to about 5 kg, and rub the same place on the floor sample back and forth. Every 20 rubs, replace with a piece of sandpaper. Generally speaking, high-quality laminate flooring can be rubbed more than 50 times, and the surface remains intact. On the contrary, it means that the quality of the floor is not good.

The above preliminary method of distinguishing the good and bad laminate flooring is only for consumers' reference when buying, and I hope to help you choose the right floor!

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