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Maintenance method of laminate floor
Date: 2020/03/30


For the first time users of laminate flooring, 

there will be questions about how to properly maintain the floor. 

It is not uncommon for floors to be damaged due to incorrect maintenance.

 You need these tips to do maintenance on laminate flooring.


Keep the floor clean and fresh at all times. Do not rinse with water when cleaning, to prevent the floor from soaking in water for a long time. When cleaning oil stains, use neutral detergents with little irritation and clean with warm water. This can effectively reduce the damage to the floor caused by acidic and alkaline water.


 Laminate flooring does not need to be waxed and painted, nor can it be sanded and polished with sandpaper. The original surface of the floor is relatively smooth and shiny, so there is no need to polish it, only daily maintenance and cleaning is required.


To prevent fine particles from damaging the floor, a cushion can be placed at the door to reduce the damage caused by the particles entering the shoes. Overweight items should be placed on a stable place to prevent damage to the floor caused by heavy objects falling from a high place; also pay attention when moving furniture, try to lift as much as possible to reduce the left on the floor due to drag Under the blot


When the weather is dry, the floor should be properly moisturized and cleaned with a mop. This can prevent the floor from cracking due to drying.

Simple maintenance of laminate flooring can be done through the above methods. If you want to buy a good quality floor easily, contact us and look forward to your visit.


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