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Suggestions for assembling laminate flooring
Date: 2020/07/09


The now popular Chinese herringbone laminate flooring is very diversified in color, materials, and paving methods.

Even if it is the same wooden floor, you only need to change the method of sticking, and it feels completely different. 


The difference between this kind of floor and the traditional floor is that it breaks the traditional thinking and can be combined at will. The four sides of the flat mouth splicing make the floors of different colors can be matched at will, and can form a herringbone shape. So for different application scenarios, we also have different assembly suggestions, I hope to help everyone.  


The bright surface and matte surface of the herringbone laminate floor interweave, which can establish the wavy texture of the floor in the house. This wooden floor uses pure natural willow eucalyptus wood as the core material, crisscrossing according to the wood texture, and hot pressing with resin glue Forming, so that the interaction between the layers is used to pin each other, which promotes the reliability of the wooden floor and reduces the degree of deformation. There are some gaps between the wood, which is also to better prevent the wood from bulging due to changes in the external environment.                   


The solid wood herringbone parquet floor is malleable and has a low thermal conductivity, giving a gentle feeling. The parquet floor can also be paved with mat patterns and herringbone patterns, which is very durable, so it is more suitable for stadiums, rehearsal halls, and performance stages ,Ballroom. After that, everyone gradually introduced it into the overall home interior decoration, and its mature, stable and luxurious texture has been very well promoted in interior decoration.


If you are interested in herringbone laminate flooring, please contact us!


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