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By doing so, the laminate floor will survive the rainy days
 Jul 20, 2020|View:583


The most uncomfortable thing about the rainy weather is the wet state, which makes the whole house wet.

If the protective measures are not taken, some floors will easily become moldy. Do the following points at this time to help your floor survive the rainy weather.


For the reinforced floor with severe water immersion, after removing the water on the surface of the floor, you can directly use the air conditioning refrigeration to dehumidify. Close the doors and windows of the room, adjust the air conditioner to the lowest temperature, and adjust the cooling time of the air conditioner according to the actual situation. Generally, the floor can dry in about a day.


For floors that are not heavily immersed in water, you can absorb the moisture on the surface in a short time, and then use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the water vapor at the joint gap of the floor.


For partially mildewed floors, it is necessary to immediately remove the mildewed floors and replace them with new ones to prevent mildew from infecting other intact floors and causing large areas of mildew.

In general, during the rainy season, the most important time for moisture protection is every morning and evening. The air humidity in these two periods is higher than that in the afternoon. If the doors and windows are not closed in time, the water vapor will penetrate into every corner of the home. Therefore, in humid weather, in order to avoid mildew on the floor, try not to open more windows.


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