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Tips for choosing laminate flooring
 Sep 09, 2020|View:319

Laminate flooring has a comfortable foot feel and good decoration effect, so many families like to use laminate flooring, so how to buy laminate flooring?

Tips for choosing laminate flooring


Select the amount of free formaldehyde released


Laminate flooring contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, if it exceeds the nationally prescribed index value (1.5mg/L), it will be harmful to the human body. It is most suitable to choose products with national environmental protection mark certification or inspection-free products when purchasing.


Choose water resistance


The water resistance of laminate flooring is reflected by the index of water absorption thickness expansion rate. If the index value is high, the water resistance is poor, that is, it will easily cause dimensional changes in a humid environment. Do not believe in misleading such as waterproof flooring, only moisture-proof flooring currently does not have waterproof wooden flooring.


Select machining accuracy


After assembling 6-12 pieces of laminate flooring on flat ground, use your hands and eyes to observe whether the processing accuracy is smooth and smooth, and whether the tongue and groove are properly engaged. It should not be too loose or too tight. At the same time, carefully check the height difference and gap between the floors.

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