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How to choose the color of laminate flooring
 Sep 12, 2020|View:327

To choose the color of laminate flooring, firstly, the color of the floor should set off the color of the furniture and the main tone should be calm and soft, because the floor is generally not changed frequently, so choose a more neutral color.In terms of color tone, light-colored furniture can be combined with dark and light-colored floors, but the matching of dark-colored furniture and dark-colored floors must be very careful to avoid a depressing scene.

How to choose the color of laminate flooring


Decoration style


The overall decoration style and concept of the family are the primary factors to determine the color of laminate flooring. The dark-toned floor is very appealing and expressive, with distinctive personality characteristics, and the light-toned floor is simple, fresh and elegant


Room area size


Color will affect people's visual effects. Warm tones are expanding colors, and cold tones are shrinking colors. Therefore, the floor of a room with a small area should be dark and cool to make people feel that the area is enlarged. If you choose brightly colored and warm-colored composite flooring, the space will appear narrower and increase the sense of depression. In addition, if the laminate floor chooses dark large patterns, it will have a sense of intimacy; light-colored, small patterns can make the room look spacious.


Living room lighting conditions


The lighting conditions of the living room also limit the choice of floor color. Needless to say, rooms with good lighting can be selected at will; while rooms with lower floors and insufficient lighting should be selected with higher brightness and suitable color floor materials, and darker materials should be avoided as much as possible.

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