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Laminate flooring: rugged versatility
Date: 2021/02/14



Laminate flooring still faces a lot of unfair bias. First of all, laminate flooring is definitely not made of plastic, which means it’s not like vinyl “Faux flooring.”. In fact, laminate flooring is made from 100% natural materials, especially wood, paper and resin. This means that it is natural, sustainable flooring, such as parquet flooring.


Laminate flooring has many different wood finishes and other designs. The options are virtually endless, and manufacturers are always updating their product ranges to keep up with the latest trends. These ornaments are not only made of wood; they can also imitate many other materials, such as stone or tile.


Today’s high quality laminate flooring no longer has anything in common with 1990s laminate flooring, which looks completely different and doesn’t even have the same technical features. Like the existing parquet flooring, the laminate flooring is made up of multiple layers. High-density fiberboard in the middle. The stable backing forms a base layer and the top layer is made of decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. This resin is also what makes the composite floor so durable and easy to maintain. Premium variants of laminate flooring and extra scratch resistant Diamond Pro may be the best choice for children and pets as it is the most durable. Treble reinforced flooring is also a thing of the past. The middle layer of the HDF makes the board relatively heavy, so it does not vibrate easily. Integrated or individually installed sound-absorbing pads make the composite floor quieter. By the way, reinforced floors can also cope with wet conditions. The waterproof joint and the protruding middle layer ensure that the mop water and overflow will not cause any damage. Waterproof reinforced flooring can even be installed in the bathroom!



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