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When maintaining aggrandizement wood floor, need to notice moistureproof prevent friction
Date: 2021/03/12


The weather has changed a lot this year. The temperature has changed about 10 degrees over a long period of time. The extreme weather has tested the home’s reinforced floors. It makes the reinforced floor easy to crack, bubble and deformation. Rebar floor maintenance is the focus of home maintenance in spring and summer.


Always keep the floor of the steel bar dry and clean, do not wash with water, pay attention to avoid long-term local flooding of the floor. If there are oil stains and stains on the reinforced floor, they must be removed in time. It can be treated with mild neutral detergent and warm water, and cleaned with a special floor cleaning solution that is compatible with the floor. Do not use alkaline water, soapy water and other corrosive liquid contact reinforced floor surface, do not use gasoline and other flammable materials and other high-temperature liquid wipe reinforced floor.



Reinforced floors do not require waxing or painting, nor should they be sanded. Because floor of aggrandizement differs from solid wood floor, its surface is smooth and bright, but waxing can gild the lily. Avoid direct sunlight, so as to avoid premature drying of the reinforced ground aging. Windows should be closed during the rainy season to prevent rain from soaking the reinforced concrete floor. At the same time to pay attention to indoor ventilation and moisture emission. Keeping the normal indoor temperature also helps to prolong the service life of the reinforced floor.



Although strengthened floor surface has wear-resisting layer to support, but with the friction of sharp object still can produce scratch, influence strengthened floor integral beautiful appearance. Place a mat at the entrance so that sediment will remain in the mat and will not be carried into the room. Small timely deposits will accelerate the strengthening of the wear-resistant floor layer. Plastic seat cushion should be installed on the furniture feet, and then placed on the reinforced floor to prevent scratching. Furniture





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