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How to control the wear resistance of laminate flooring
Date: 2021/04/14


As a commodity frequently used in the family, the wear resistance of the floor has always been paid close attention by consumers, and the wear resistance of the floor has naturally become a selling point for businesses. Consumers go to the market to choose floors and often encounter them. The sales staff on each floor claimed that their laminate flooring was wear-resistant. Because consumers do not know the flooring industry well and lack relevant professional knowledge, it will show that consumers will not pick and choose.


I believe that ordinary consumers know that high wear resistance is one of the outstanding properties of laminate flooring. There is a layer of special Al2O3 wear-resistant paper in the reinforced wood floor. The content and dispersibility of Al2O3 determine its wear resistance. Generally speaking, the more dispersed the Al2O3 content in the wear layer, the better the wear resistance of the floor, which will be reflected in the wear resistance revolution.



There are solid wood composite floors on the market that take scratch resistance as a selling point. The use of paint coating technology and high wear-resistant UV coating technology can improve its wear resistance. Some solid wood composite flooring using anti-scratch technology is even better than laminate flooring in abrasion resistance.



Therefore, consumers only need to look at the wear-resistant revolutions in the test report to test the wear-resistant performance of the laminate flooring. For ordinary families, 4000 revolutions can meet the basic application requirements. The higher the wear resistance, the better. Because the alumina mineral content is too high, the toughness is lacking, the surface is simple and fragile, the clarity of the decorative paper will also be reduced; at the same time, there are higher requirements for the quality of the decorative paper, the hardness and wear resistance of the cutter, and the production cost is more expensive. , So we must consider the choice in combination with the application environment and the cost-effectiveness of the product.



Consumers can ask for an inspection report issued by a formal qualification unit from the laminate flooring business, or they can conduct a scratch test on site for verification, such as scratching the floor with sharp objects such as keys. The product with anti-scratch technology has a higher cost and a slightly higher price. Consumers do not need to pursue the high wear resistance of laminate flooring, and can choose according to their needs. For example, a living room or office with a high peddling rate can use laminate flooring with a speed higher than 4000 rpm.




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