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Advantages of Laminate Flooring in the Development of E-commerce
Date: 2021/04/14


With the changes in consumer consumption habits, e-commerce is an inevitable development trend, it has been closely related to our daily lives, including myself, sometimes buying some things. Many people have a habit. When they buy something, they look it up online. At least there is such a consumption habit. Including friends around me, including ourselves, this experience is very profound. Second, we are making laminate flooring. Some brands in our industry have tried this, but after all, laminate flooring is a customized product. If it is sold online, higher requirements will be placed on the after-sales service of the company's products. Whether online sales can be installed in time and whether problems can be solved in time are all tests for e-commerce of laminate flooring products. Of course, there are also successful cases, which we are also studying.


Although e-commerce conforms to the living habits and rhythms of modern urbanites, it is not suitable for all commodities. This is also a problem worth considering. The person in charge of a laminate flooring brand said that in a sense, home building materials are sold to consumers as semi-finished products. First, most home building materials need to be installed on site. In addition, the products show different effects in different decorative styles. Therefore, later installation and after-sales service are also very important. E-commerce requires a lot of manpower and material resources to solve this problem.



In addition, household building materials such as laminate flooring are large-scale, unsalable consumer products, and product services, brand, performance, environmental protection, etc. need to be experienced before they can be better understood. At present, the e-commerce model of the laminate flooring industry is still a combination of online and offline experience stores. Industry insiders said that it takes time to tell us how important this approach is to businesses and consumers.



The combination of e-commerce and physical stores is an inevitable trend for enterprises. However, judging from the current situation, there are still serious problems in e-commerce in the laminate flooring industry. Most laminate flooring companies choose direct sales or distributor agency systems, and the development of e-commerce will have a certain impact on regional distributors. If the price of e-commerce is lower than the original channel provider, it will inevitably affect the interests of the channel provider and cause conflict with the channel provider. If the price of e-commerce is the same as that of traditional channels, it will be much higher than that of the same type of e-commerce website, which will inevitably affect the interests of the e-commerce website.




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