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What is the best size of laminate flooring?
Date: 2021/05/11


未标题-1.png As people's aesthetics for decoration is getting higher and higher, people's demand for laminate flooring is also increasing. In the previous introduction, we already know that laminate flooring is composed of four parts: wear-resistant layer, basecore, decorative layer, and balance layer. So when we choose the size of laminate flooring, should the larger the better? Next, I will take you to study this problem together.

未标题-1.pngThere are thousands of laminate flooring sizes on the market, but the sizes of different types of laminate flooring are not the same. For example, the length of standard laminate flooring is about 1200mm and 1300mm, and the width is generally between 191mm and 195mm. The length of the narrow-slab laminate flooring is 900-1000mm, and the width is basically about 100mm. Finally, the length of the wide-slab laminate flooring is mostly 1200mm, and the width is about 295mm.

未标题-1.pngNowadays, the thickness of the mainstream laminate flooring we often use is generally 12cm. Before 2010, laminate flooring with thicknesses of 7mm and 8mm were very popular. However, as market demand changes, these two sizes of laminate flooring are very popular. The composite floor has slowly faded out of people's sight.

未标题-1.pngTherefore, among the various laminate flooring sizes, it is not that the bigger the better, but which one is suitable for us. If we really can’t choose, we can choose the mainstream laminate flooring.



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