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How much do you know about the types of laminate flooring?
Date: 2021/05/20


Laminate flooring is also known as laminate flooring or laminate flooring. Although there are many names for laminate flooring, they are all laminate flooring, so are the types of laminate flooring the same? Next, we will study together with this question.

未标题-1.png 1. In terms of specifications, there are standard, wide and narrow ones. In order to meet the needs of consumers, they are generally customized by the manufacturers themselves.

未标题-1.png 2. From the point of view of thickness, there are both thin and thick. Although the thick one is not as dense as the thin one, in terms of environmental protection, the thin one is worse than the thick one. The impact resistance of the two is almost the same, but the thick step on the foot feels better.

未标题-1.png 3. Judging from the characteristics of the floor, there are crystal surface, lock buckle, embossed surface, silent and so on. The surface of the crystal surface is basically flat and easy to manage; the joint method of the locking surface floor is the locking method, which controls the vertical and horizontal displacement of the floor; the embossed surface is also basically flat from the front, but the surface has a wood grain pattern from the side; Mute is to add a cork pad or a mat with the same function, which has the effect of sound absorption and sound insulation.

未标题-1.png 4. From the perspective of surface coating, there are trimer, aluminum oxide, and piano paint. Trimer surface coating is usually used for wallboards and desktop boards with low wear resistance; the surface of standard laminate flooring contains aluminum oxide, which is directly sprayed on the decorative paper; piano paint surface The coating is used on the laminate floor with the paint on the surface of the solid wood floor.



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