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Is formaldehyde-free laminate flooring a scam?
Date: 2021/05/27


未标题-1.pngIs formaldehyde-free laminate flooring a scam? When people hear of formaldehyde, they are frightened, because formaldehyde is extremely harmful to human health. According to statistics from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, many people die every year in my country due to indoor air pollution. At present, many developed countries have classified indoor air pollution as one of the five major environmental factors that endanger human health. Is the formaldehyde-free laminate floor real?

未标题-1.pngFirst of all, we need to know that formaldehyde-free laminate flooring does not mean that there is no formaldehyde. At this time, do you feel a sense of being deceived? In fact, there is no, because the purely natural trees contain trace formaldehyde, and this trace formaldehyde is actually the furfural substance in natural wood, which is an inherent component of the original ecological wood. Therefore, on this basis, our Lamy Yazhi floor adopts pure formaldehyde technology, which plays a role in purifying formaldehyde. At the same time, we also strictly control every link to ensure that the quality of every piece of Lamy elegant floor meets national standards.

未标题-1.pngFinally, since ancient times, living and working in peace and contentment has been the life pursued by everyone, and living in peace is nothing more than having a healthy and comfortable living environment. Lamy elegant floor intimately provides a healthy and comfortable life for the family.



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