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Advantages of laminate flooring
Date: 2021/06/23


Laminate flooring appears in a thriving blockbuster like bamboo shoots after the rain. So what are the special advantages of laminate flooring for people to choose it?

未标题-1.png1. Rich in patterns and colors: the pattern of laminate flooring is determined by the decorative paper. It can be designed not only into the texture of wood flooring, but also into a variety of patterns, patterns, colors, and The home furnishing style matches.

未标题-1.png2. Convenient installation and simple maintenance: The most commonly used method of laminate flooring is suspension installation, which is simple and effective. During maintenance, laminate flooring does not require special oil and waxing maintenance, just daily cleaning.

未标题-1.png3. Wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, step-on and pressure-resistant: The surface of the laminate floor is a wear-resistant layer covered by aluminum oxide. ~30 times or more, this is one of the most significant advantages of laminate flooring. It has strong compressive resistance to daily heavy objects.

未标题-1.png4. Good stability, suitable for geothermal: Laminate flooring completely breaks up the original wood structure, destroys the anisotropy and dry shrinkage and swelling characteristics, and is extremely stable in size. It is especially suitable for rooms with floor heating systems. Static electricity, pollution resistance, light resistance, burn resistance, etc.

未标题-1.png5. Low price and high cost performance: Laminate flooring is the lowest price category among the seven categories of wood flooring, and because it has the advantages of wear resistance, good care, and adaptability to geothermal, its cost performance is also high.

In addition, laminate flooring also has impact resistance, antistatic, pollution resistance, light resistance, cigarette burn resistance and so on. So we all get started quickly.


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