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Indicators of environmentally friendly laminate flooring
 Oct 08, 2021|View:258

The main indicators of environmentally friendly laminate flooring are as follows: formaldehyde emission, surface wear resistance, and floor processing accuracy.



Formaldehyde emission

Refers to the release of free formaldehyde, which is an environmental indicator. The formaldehyde emission of environmentally friendly laminate flooring is qualified as 30mg/100g in the current national standard. Of course, the less the better. At present, the most stringent formaldehyde emission requirement in the world is the Japanese F4 star standard. Simply put, the F4 star building reduces the formaldehyde emission of the domestic E1 floor by more than 40%. The mainstream F4 star building currently has the Sao Paulo F4 star building on the market. F4 star


Surface wear resistance

Environmentally friendly laminate flooring should at least buy a floor with a wear-resistant revolution of more than 6000 revolutions. Which wear-resistant speed is higher, can only be seen with sandpaper, then it is more wear-resistant. The number of surface wear-resistant revolutions is also an indicator of environmental protection laminate flooring in the market, and consumers are more concerned about it. The wear resistance index is generally based on the rotation speed. Generally, the floor above 6000 rpm is suitable for family use, and the floor above 9000 rpm is suitable for public use.



The processing accuracy of the floor

The self-thickness of environmentally friendly laminate flooring is thin or thick, generally 8 mm and 12 mm. In terms of environmental protection, thinness is better than thick. Because it is very thin, it uses less glue per unit area. The thick environmentally friendly laminate flooring is not as dense as thin and has similar impact resistance, but the feet feel thicker and more natural.

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