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Advantages and disadvantages of household laminate flooring
 Oct 15, 2021|View:317

In today's decoration projects, ground decoration is one of the most important projects, and materials must be selected and laid reasonably. For home decoration, the building materials used for floor decoration mainly include floors, tiles and so on. Among them, household laminate flooring is a relatively common one, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of household laminate flooring?


Advantages and disadvantages of household laminate flooring



(1) Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant: The surface of the household laminate flooring is covered with a wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide, and the number of wear-resistant revolutions can reach 10,000 revolutions, which has strong compressive resistance to daily heavy objects.

(2) Rich design and color: The pattern of household laminate flooring is determined by decorative paper. It can not only be designed into wooden floors, but also into various decorative patterns, patterns, colors, and various home decoration styles. Match.

(3) Easy installation: The method often used in the installation of household laminate flooring is suspended installation, which is simple and effective. During maintenance, no special oil and wax maintenance is required, just daily cleaning.

(4) High cost performance: Household laminate flooring is the lowest overall price among the 7 categories of wood flooring, and because it has the advantages of wear resistance, good maintenance, and adaptation to ground temperature, its cost performance is also higher.




Poor decorative effect: The surface layer of household laminate flooring is a wear-resistant layer and a decorative layer. It is a paper printed with bionic technology. Compared with natural solid wood, the overall laying effect is distorted and the visual effect is relatively simple.

It can be seen that there are many benefits of household laminate flooring, so you can buy household laminate flooring with confidence.

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