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Is household laminate flooring environmentally friendly?
 Oct 22, 2021|View:267


When it comes to laminate flooring, many families use wood flooring, but the price of household laminate flooring is much lower than solid wood flooring. Therefore, in the face of this problem, many people know that you pay for what you pay for, so they will be Questions about quality and environmental protection have arisen, so is household laminate flooring environmentally friendly?


In terms of floor varieties, among the three common types of solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, and laminate flooring, solid wood flooring is environmentally friendly wood flooring, but this does not mean that solid wood composite flooring and household laminate flooring are not environmentally friendly. Flooring, the new national standard stipulates: the floor formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 1.5mg/L to meet the new national standard, that is, it is environmentally friendly wood floor that reaches the EI level.



The environmental protection of household laminate flooring will produce formaldehyde during the processing and manufacturing process, which is inevitable. The problem of formaldehyde pollution is valued by people, and wood flooring companies are also very important. The composite floor consists of a bottom layer, a base material layer, a decorative layer and a wear-resistant layer. When the composite floor laminates these four together, agglomerating glue can be used, and the agglomerating glue is the main source of formaldehyde. However, this does not mean that laminate flooring is toxic. As long as the formaldehyde content of laminate flooring is within the acceptable range of the human body, that is, as long as it meets the national E0 and E1 standards, it is an environmentally friendly product.

Therefore, consumers do not need to pursue the formaldehyde content of the laminate flooring too much when purchasing laminate flooring for home use.

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