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How to choose environmentally friendly laminate flooring?
 Oct 25, 2021|View:333



Look at the number of surface wear-resistant revolutions: The wear-resistant grade of household environmentally friendly laminate flooring should be household grade ⅰ, household grade Ⅱ, that is, the initial surface wear resistance value is generally above 4000-6000 revolutions.


Look at the amount of formaldehyde emission: the national standard stipulates that the formaldehyde emission standard of environmentally friendly laminate flooring is not higher than 1.5 mg/L, so we should try our best to choose products that meet this standard.


Look at the moisture-proof measures: In addition to the high-quality moisture-proof layer of environmentally friendly laminate flooring produced by regular manufacturers, most brands still use this brand's special moisture-proof floor mats, and print the front mats with the special logo of this brand's floor.



Look at the packaging: If imported goods, according to relevant laws and regulations, there should be Chinese signs and customs inspection certificates, otherwise the place of origin is suspicious and cannot be trusted.


Look at the after-sales service: The environmentally friendly laminate flooring produced by the normal manufacturer should have a warranty certificate and adopt the sales form of factory direct sales or monopoly, so even if there are problems in the use process, it can be solved in time.

Through some relatively simple methods, we can understand the strong environmental protection laminate flooring. We can use one piece in the water for about a quarter of an hour. Generally, there is no pungent odor, which is environmental protection. If the smell is great, the eyes and feelings are spicy, the floor It is a floor with excessive formaldehyde.

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