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How to distinguish between good and bad healthy laminate flooring
 Dec 21, 2021|View:237

As an environmentally friendly and durable floor, healthy laminate flooring not only has the advantages of laminate flooring, but also combines the characteristics of environmental protection and good foot feel of solid wood flooring. It is convenient to install and easy to take care of. How to judge the quality of healthy laminate flooring at the time of purchase Is very important, today I will share a few simple and easy judgment methods.

First of all, the formaldehyde content of healthy laminate flooring is relatively lower than that of ordinary laminate flooring, so when judging, you only need to cut some samples of the floor and put them in a jar to seal, wait for the formaldehyde to volatilize, and test the formaldehyde concentration with a test paper after 24 hours. It can be distinguished. Then you can tell the degree of surface wear resistance. The surface of the healthy laminate floor is sprayed with aluminum oxide, so it is very wear-resistant. Use sandpaper to rub back and forth on the same place on the contrast floor for 50 times. Inferior floors will have obvious scratches. mark. Another point is the moisture-proof feature. You can soak the sample in boiling water, wait for 10 minutes and measure the thickness and compare it with before soaking to see the water absorption thickness expansion rate.

If you want to buy high-quality healthy laminate flooring, it is equally important to choose a guaranteed manufacturer. Runlin flooring has a large production capacity and a wide variety of patterns. If you want to know more about composite flooring, please contact: +86-13616120333.

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