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Advantages of formaldehyde-free laminate flooring
 Dec 21, 2021|View:262

Decoration pollution has been recognized as a threat to human health. During the decoration process, building materials and furniture will contain a lot of harmful ingredients, especially formaldehyde and benzene series, which are risky to cause leukemia, so we now pay special attention when choosing building materials Formaldehyde, non-formaldehyde laminate flooring is born in accordance with the times.

Formaldehyde-free laminate flooring uses new glue, reduces formaldehyde content, does not contain harmful volatiles, and the production process is more environmentally friendly. Compared with solid wood flooring, it has the same foot feeling but lower cost and does not require frequent maintenance. It is heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and moisture-proof, even if it is used on floor heating, it is also convenient to lay, and it can be laid flat without special keel. Compared with the general laminate flooring, the non-formaldehyde laminate flooring is more environmentally friendly, not easy to degumming, high density and low expansion, longer service life, and not easy to deform and warp, which is suitable for the needs of the current home improvement flooring market.

Formaldehyde-free laminate flooring is now used in more and more homes. As a manufacturer of formaldehyde-free laminate flooring, Runlin Flooring has a large production capacity and a wide variety of colors. If you want to learn more about laminate flooring, please contact us by phone.: +86-13616120333.

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