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Structure of high gloss laminate flooring
 May 20, 2022|View:111


High Gloss laminate flooring, as the name suggests, is a more waterproof high gloss flooring, is a relative concept, focusing on the characteristics of the floor, rather than the floor is not afraid of water meaning. Water is strictly a natural enemy of the floor. However, if the wood floor is covered with bio-wax, the high gloss laminate flooring can be sealed with a double layer, this sealing will prevent water into the substrate, to achieve a very good waterproof effect.

High Gloss laminate flooring generally consists of a wear-resistant layer, wax film layer, waterproof layer, an environmental protection layer, waterproof balance layer, and mute layer.

1. Wear-resistant layer: this is an abrasion-resistant agent consisting of a layer of aluminum oxide pressed evenly over the surface of the high gloss laminate flooring. The amount of aluminum oxide and the thickness of the film determine the rotation of the wear resistance. The revolution of the wear-resistant layer containing 30 grams of aluminum oxide per square meter is about 4000 revolutions, the revolution of the wear-resistant layer containing 38 grams is about 5000 revolutions, and the revolution of the wear-resistant layer containing 44 grams should be about 9000 revolutions, the greater the content and degree of film, the higher the revolution, the more wear-resistant.

2. Wax coating: high gloss laminate flooring is double sealed to prevent moisture from entering the substrate.

3. Waterproof layer: it is sealed with bio-wax at the tenons and joints of high gloss laminate flooring to prevent external water from entering.

4. Environmental Protection Layer: High Gloss laminate flooring groove after double sealing, to prevent the spread of harmful free substances in the substrate, so that it no longer cause harm to the living room environment, achieved very good environmental protection effect.

5. Silencing Layer: special paper printed with a specific pattern is immersed in a solution of chemical properties, after chemical treatment, after heating reaction with THM, it is stable and no chemical reaction takes place, after special treatment, the floor was trampled to reduce the noise, to achieve the effect of silence.

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