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Cause of discoloration in AC rating laminate flooring
 Jun 06, 2022|View:89


During the use of ac rating laminate flooring, discoloration or color difference caused by different lots of products sometimes caused disputes between the supplier and the buyer. In fact, discoloration of ac rating laminate flooringcan be caused by a number of factors, ranging from product quality issues to improper moisture handling or use of conditions. We must carefully analyze the causes of the problems and take active preventive measures to minimize and avoid the occurrence of such problems.
1. Discoloration of the floor

AC rating laminate flooring produces a discoloration response when exposed to air for long periods of time, usually from shallow to deep. The decorative paper on the surface of ac rating laminate flooring is made from wood, which has been experimented with. 62% of wood discoloration is caused by ultraviolet light, and 18% of wood discoloration is caused by visible light. Due to the different manufacturers of decorative paper, the production process is different, therefore, the anti-tarnishing ability of paper is also different. In view of the fact that the surface of the ac rating laminate flooring is prone to discoloration during use, the problem is not acceptable to consumers, the light color fastness index and test method of Aggrandizement Wood ac rating laminate flooring were added to the newly revised National Standard of ac rating laminate flooring.

2. Discoloration of the floor caused by water penetration

AC rating laminate flooring was discolored during use due to the air permeability of the moisture-resistant film, and water from the ground was introduced into the ac rating laminate flooring. The ac rating laminate flooring was mainly blackened. At the same time as the discoloration, the edges and panels of the ac rating laminate flooring were bulging. Two conditions are required to cause this kind of problem: the ground is wet, and the moisture resistance of the ac rating laminate flooring is not well done when it is installed. Improper installation should be the primary responsibility, and improper use of the environment should be the secondary responsibility. We can completely prevent the problem by making good moistureproof.

3. Color difference due to different lot numbers

The color of the sample is different from the actual product. One of the reasons is that the samples are not the same batch number as the products provided, although the product model is the same, the color of the two batches of decorative paper is slightly different; the other is that the sample has been on the display shelf for too long, and the color has faded, even the same batch of products, there will be samples and the actual product color difference.

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