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What to do if there is a problem after the AC rating laminate flooring installation
 Jun 15, 2022|View:216


AC rating laminate flooring is sometimes floppy after installation, with your feet on the floor, sometimes as if on cotton, and the floor is shaking uncomfortably. The main reasons are:

First, in the process of the floor up and down vibration, if the floor is not glued, the floor between the tenon and tenon mutual friction generated a sound.

Second, even if the installation of the floor with glue, people repeatedly walk on the floor in the process, the floor vibration caused fatigue damage, and the floor between the tenon and tenon friction will produce a sound.

The best way to solve such problems is to analyze the causes of the problems and take preventive measures to prevent them before they happen.
The flatness of the floor should be less than 3mm/2m according to the relevant national standard. If the flatness of the ground exceeds the standard requirements, the ground should be treated to meet the requirements of the installation of the floor can avoid the problem.
AC rating laminate flooring has a low moisture content. Most floors have a moisture content of less than 5%. After installation, the floor absorbs moisture and expands There are also because the wall did not leave expansion joints or leave insufficient, resulting in the floor of the room bulging phenomenon. At this point, the wall has not seen the reserved gap. This kind of problem appears after the floor installation period of time or during the use process, walk on the floor can feel the floor everywhere floppy, but still can appear a lot of noise. The measure taken is that the floor should be moisture-proof. For Normal AC rating laminate flooring, the floor should be disconnected when the installation length or width is greater than 8 m, leaving a gap of 8-10 mm around the perimeter.
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