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What is AC6 laminate flooring?
 Jul 01, 2022|View:186


Reinforced floor, also known as reinforced composite, is made of four layers of material from high temperature and high-pressure composite.
The scientific name is impregnated paper laminate wood flooring, which is made of one or more layers of special paper impregnated with thermosetting amino resin and laid on the surface of wood-based panels such as particleboard and high-density fiberboard, with a balance layer on the back and a wear-resistant layer on the front, hot pressed, shaped floor.

The four layers of AC6 Rating Laminate Flooringare the wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, and balance layer.

AC6 Rating Laminate Flooring the main role of the wear-resistant layer is to determine the length of use of the floor and colour to maintain the length of time.

The wear-resistant grade is an index of the anti-wear ability of the reinforced composite floor, which is expressed by the revolution of the wear to the point where the decorative pattern appears, that is, the higher the revolution, the better the wear-resistant performance.

What determines surface abrasion resistance?

The wear-resistant layer is made of aluminium oxide material, so the aluminium oxide content and treatment method determine the wear-resistant degree of the reinforced floor.

Europe's wear-resistant grade is AC3-AC6, AC4 has been more than 9000 rpm, and reached the commercial grade. The highest AC6 standard is equivalent to more than 18,000 rpm (around 62g aluminium oxide square metre).

So the AC6 Rating Laminate Flooring is the highest AC6.

Laminate flooring is now widely used as a decorative material, whether in commercial buildings or home decoration will be used. Richwood is a supplier of laminate flooring, production capacity, and a wide variety. For more information on laminate flooring, please send an email to Richwoodfloor@gmail.com.

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