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How to identify inferior AC3 laminate flooring
 Jul 08, 2022|View:113


AC3 laminate flooringis the new favorite flooring material. It is so popular that some unscrupulous companies sell it as inferior flooring. In order not to be cheated, we need to learn to distinguish inferior AC3 laminate flooring, there are four main points to consider:
1. Abrasion-resistant layer not abrasion-resistant AC3 laminate flooring. This kind of floor service life is extremely short because the floor surface uses is inexpensive ordinary decoration paper, and the abrasion resistance index is extremely low. Quality AC3 laminate flooring is aluminum oxide and costs 20% to 30% of the total cost of AC3 laminate flooring. Failure to add a wear-resistant layer or insufficient weight of wear-resistant paper can result in short-lived AC3 laminate flooring.

2. Low-tech small workshop AC3 laminate flooring. Because AC3 laminate flooring is so high-tech, some well-known brand factories can produce tens of thonds of square meters a day. Some off-brand small-scale processing plant production scale and technology standards, simply can not meet the relevant standards set by the state. The standard AC3 laminate flooring manufacturer chooses diamond cutting tools with micron precision and regularly replaces them. But the workshop board uses is an ordinary woodworking tool, the cutting precision can not achieve the request, causing the plank to have a gap, and the installment to bite is not good.

3. AC3 laminate flooring with low substrate density. In order to reduce the cost, the lower density medium density board, particleboard, and so on are used as the material for producing AC3 laminate flooring. AC3 laminate flooring should be based on a special high-density board, and its water absorption and expansion rate should be strictly controlled.

4. AC3 laminate flooring with severely elevated formaldehyde levels. The base material of high-quality AC3 laminate flooring should be melamine, while the base material of inferior flooring, uraldehyde adhesive, is only 1/7 of the price of melamine. Poor quality floor because of the production of low technology, poor base material, the formaldehyde and other harmful gases emitted by the content of serious beyond the national limit standards.

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