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Do you need waxing for ac rating laminate flooring
 Jul 14, 2022|View:383


Wood floor maintenance is not limited to cleaning, waxing is also one of the important content of wood floor maintenance. Hardwood flooring and hardwood ac rating laminate flooring must be waxed to maintain a glossy finish and extend service life. Many customers will also ask if they need waxing for ac rating laminate flooring maintenance?
ac rating laminate flooring is typically composed of a four-layer composite. Since the surface is aluminium oxide, it is inherently smoother and brighter, and it is primarily skid resistant, if you do essential oil maintenance on the floor, will reduce the skid resistance of the floor, the floor is a kind of damage. The exception is Bloom's ac rating laminate flooring, which has a piano paint surface and is less aluminium oxide. The aluminium oxide on the surface of the ac rating laminate flooring makes the surface of the flooring wear-resistant and does not require waxing during normal maintenance. Waxing, on the other hand, tends to smudge the surface of the ac rating laminate flooring, reducing the brightness of the flooring. Avoid cutting the surface of the ac rating laminate flooring with scissors, knives, etc. . Keep the ac rating laminate flooring clean and avoid any grit or gravel damage to the floor.
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