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How to choose the color of an ac rating laminate flooring
 Aug 01, 2022|View:176

ac rating laminate flooring

The popularity of ac rating laminate flooring, with its rich texture, color, pattern, and variety of home decor, plays a big role. Ac rating laminate flooring, like hardwood flooring, comes in a variety of colors. Over there, how do you choose the color of the ac rating laminate flooring?
1. Consider the overall decor

This point is to choose any floor color to consider the problem. If the home is a more classical decoration style, you should choose the sober color of ac rating laminate flooring; if the home is a more modern decoration style, you should choose a black and white color matching.

2. Consider the size of your home

When choosing the color of the ac rating laminate flooring, take the size of the room into account. If you have a small space, use a light-colored, textured floor to give you a more spacious view. If you have a large space and good lighting, you can choose a variety of colors for your ac rating laminate flooring, do not use light colors to create a sense of space.

3. Consider the color of your home furniture

Furniture, metope style, and color also need to consider when choosing the floor. ac rating laminate flooring should match the color of the furniture and the wall as much as possible, otherwise, it will make the whole home feel like a mess.

Laminate flooring is now widely used as a decorative material, whether in commercial buildings or home decorations will be used. Richwood as a supplier of laminate flooring, production capacity, a wide variety. For more information on laminate flooring, please send an email to Richwoodfloor@gmail.com.
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