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SPC wholesalers teach you how to install SPC flooring
 Sep 14, 2022|View:525


Of all the PVC flooring, the SPC floor hardness is the highest, it can not be like other sheets or a self-adhesive floor can be bent. SPC wholesalersin the production, SPC floor around the opening slot, in the shop through these slots connected. SPC wholesalers suggested that because of the plasticizer and the ratio of stone powder to PVC, the SPC floor material itself is brittle, and if the paving base is not smooth enough, the problem of slot fracture can occur, therefore, the need for paving in accordance with strict technical standards.
1. Test the flatness of the base. In all of the PVC floors, the SPC floor is on the base of the smoothness of the highest requirements. Therefore, when the new house decoration must first do self-leveling, if the old floor renovation, the floor height should not exceed 2 mm, there is no depression and uplift.
2. Lay damp-proof cotton. SPC wholesalers suggest that the SPC floor itself has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, so the paving of moisture-proof cotton is not for moisture-proof, but has another role. SPC high hardness of the floor, in the foundation and the floor laid between a layer of moisture-proof cotton, can play a good buffer, both can make the two closer contact, but also for the floor to provide a more soft feel of the feet. But need to note that the thickness of moisture-proof cotton can not be too thick, should be 1-2 mm is appropriate.

3. Lay SPC floors.

(1) insert the b-plate into the groove obliquely and lock it flat.

(2) the distance between B-plate and the c-plate is about 2-3 mm parallel.

(3) lift the A-plate and the b-plate at the same time (at an angle of about 45 degrees to the ground).

(4) push the face of the B plate in the direction of the C plate until it is locked.

(5) with the palm of the board and B board down flat, do not force hard pressure on the floor.

(6) after assembling, the floor is flat and seamless. If the floor is not flat or there are gaps, need to gently lift the 10-30 ° angle lock, tight after the floor will be automatically flat.

4. Install a skirting line.

SPC wholesalers said that there are special PVC toe lines that can be adapted to lock the floor, toe line installation is also through the tenon fastening up.

There is no better floor, only a more suitable floor, we have to use the actual situation to choose the floor to have a better effect. Richwood as a supplier of laminate flooring, production capacity, and a wide variety. For more information on laminate flooring, please send an email to RRichwoodfloor@gmail.com.

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