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Laminate flooring manufacturer teaches you how to prevent moldy flooring
 Oct 09, 2022|View:106
As the professional Laminate flooring manufacturer can tell you, generally speaking, mold is the cause of mold in Laminate flooring, but there are three factors that contribute to mold in Laminate flooring: mold, temperature, and humidity. Although the Laminate flooring manufacturer uses high temperature and hot pressing during the manufacturing process, these three factors do not affect the quality of the Laminate material itself. To prevent the purchase of moldy flooring or subsequent use of moldy flooring, the Laminate flooring manufacturer reminds you of a few points.


Before installation, we must check the product to see if the laminate floor is moldy, infected, damaged, etc., and ensure the quality of the laminate product before installation. In general, the composite floor moisture content should be 8% -13%. If laid improperly, the quality of laminate flooring will be questioned. In addition, laminate floors must be kept dry and clean. The moisture-proof function is an important technical policy of wood composites. If this policy does not meet the standard, once entering the wet season, laminate will appear warping and mildew phenomenon. In general, Laminate flooring manufactured by Laminate flooring manufacturer is made from a high-density substrate with excellent moisture resistance and water absorption thickness well below national standards.

There is no better floor, only a more suitable floor, we have to use the actual situation to choose the floor to have a better effect. Richwood as a supplier of laminate flooring, production capacity, a wide variety. For more information on laminate flooring, please send an email to Richwoodfloor@gmail.com.

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