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Wholesale laminate flooring company explains the discoloration of the laminate flooring
 Oct 10, 2022|View:132
The Wholesale laminate flooring company and the customer have been in dispute about the discoloration of laminate flooring or the color difference caused by different batches of laminate flooring. In fact, cause floor discoloration has a variety of reasons, some are product quality problems, but also some moisture-proof handling or improper use of the environment caused by. Therefore, the Wholesale laminate flooring company must carefully analyze the cause of the problem and take active preventive measures to minimize and avoid the occurrence of such problems.


1. Discoloration caused by non-conformance of anti-pollution of floor
After the surface abrasion-resistant paper of the floor is dipped in melamine, the pre-curing phenomenon occurs during the drying process, or the abrasion-resistant paper dipped in melamine is stored during the process, due to the high temperature of the storage environment, the melamine on the abrasion-resistant paper was pre-cured, the fluidity of melamine was reduced during the hot-pressing process, and many tiny pores were formed on the surface of the floor when the floor was cleaned, tiny dirt gets into tiny pores, causing the floor to turn black. This discoloration is found in the use of the characteristics of the process, some will appear several, serious will appear many and the distribution of irregular in the room.

2. The photochromic reaction of the laminated floor
Long-term exposure to the floor in the air will produce a certain color reaction, the general situation is from shallow to deep. Laminate flooring is made of decorative paper made of wood, wood has been tested, 62% of wood discoloration is caused by ultraviolet light, and 18% of wood discoloration is caused by visible light. Due to the different production processes of Wholesale laminate flooring companies, the anti-tarnishing ability of paper is different. Some factory production of paper anti-tarnishing capacity, the floor in the use of the process, although there will be a slight tarnishing, because tarnishing is not obvious, no cause for complaints. Some factory production of paper anti-tarnishing capacity is poor, and the floor in the use of the process of serious tarnishing will cause complaints.

3. Color difference due to different lot numbers
One of the reasons is that the samples are not the same batch number as the products provided, although the product model is the same, the color of the two batches of decorative paper is slightly different; the other is that the sample has been on the display shelf for too long, and the color has faded, even the same batch of products, there will be samples and the actual product color difference.

Laminate flooring is now widely used as a decorative material, whether commercial buildings or home decoration will be used. Richwood as a supplier of laminate flooring, production capacity, a wide variety. For more information on laminate flooring, please send an email to Richwoodfloor@gmail.com.
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