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Faux wood flooring is currently the hottest trend of flooring. Although there are other rising trends, such as vinyl or ceramic tiles, laminate flooring is a low-maintenance and durable solution, and it is still the main wood flooring substitute.
Richwood's laminate flooring provides the texture of real logs, from every tree to every board, from visual design to installation functionality, we never slack off.
The cheap, low-maintenance Richwood laminate flooring can realize the wood-grain flooring of your dreams.


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    Melamine Overlay: The overlayer protects the floor from scratches, abrasion and stain, while providing a realistic look and feel to the floor. This is a protective cover for your floor and a waterproof seal prevents water from penetrating and damaging the floor.

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    Decorative Paper: Just below the overlayer, the decorative layer retains the floor pattern or print. This gives your floor an incredibly realistic and beautiful wood or stone look.

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    HDF Core: Below the decorative paper, decides the quality and stability of the floor. Usually made of High Density Fiberboard, this layer is where the waterproof properties work. The fiberboard in a laminate floor may contain more resin, making it less likely to expand in water.

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    Balance Layer: This layer also helps to provide stability to the floor and helps prevent water from penetrating the floor from below. Backing layer is often used to help seal moisture from the subfloor, and you may encounter moisture in the concrete floor or basement, so that each plank is resistant to moisture from above and below.

Durability And Abrasion Resistance
The laminate has a strong wear-resistant layer, the overlayer is made of melamine, and the laminated wear-resistant covering paper is produced under high temperature and pressure, thus the covering is highly resistant. Protects the floor from scratches, dents, wear, burns and stains and provides a realistic look and feel to the floor. The durability of Richwood laminate flooring makes it suitable for any scenario, especially in high-traffic commercial uses or families with children and pets.
Realistic Wood And Stone Looks:
Laminate flooring typically has some surface details to further mimic that appearance of natural hardwood and may have the appearance and feel of hand scraped hardwood, pressed flowers, imitation hardwood, or textured or smooth. Unlike real solid wood flooring, laminate flooring has better stability and consistent quality. It all comes from EIR Surface.
Progress in structure is improving the waterproof capacity of the laminate flooring. Most new laminate floors can withstand localized moisture. Proper installation helps prevent water from penetrating into the board. In addition to installation and construction, you can also upgrade the substrate to meet the best waterproof requirements, that is, our other series - Aqua Floor!
Health And Safety
FloorScore testing and certification make the Richwood Flooring free of harmful chemicals that can cause bad indoor air quality and safety problems. FloorScore certification: California has been a leader in indoor air quality initiatives. FloorScore certification indicates that a specific product has been certified for indoor air quality and safety in accordance with California standards.
So basically, it meets the highest standards.
The Laminate Thicknesses
The laminate has different thicknesses, ranging from 7mm to 12mm, and usually the thicker the laminate, the more likely you are to hear natural wood under your feet.
Selection Of Color
We've prepared a variety of color options, and the tan laminate makes your room look bigger and more open. You'll also get that wonderful, rich warmth from slightly darker tones. In addition to looking chic and stylish, the gray laminate sets the tone for a cool modern home.
Selection Of Color
We've prepared a variety of color options, and the tan laminate makes your room look bigger and more open. You'll also get that wonderful, rich warmth from slightly darker tones. In addition to looking chic and stylish, the gray laminate sets the tone for a cool modern home.
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Focus On The Production And Processing Of Laminate Flooring, Leading The Industry In Production Capacity.

Richwood laminate flooring is mainly engaged in laminate flooring, Aqua laminate, composite flooring, SPC flooring and accessories.Richwood has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certification. With a large amount of R&D investment and complete testing equipment, all kinds of products are not only high quality, green and environmental protection, but also rich in varieties and high cost performance.
They are deeply welcomed and recognized by people from all walks of life at home and abroad and enjoy a good reputation in the international market.
At present, the products have been exported to Canada, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Russia, Egypt, South Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries and regions.
The price of laminate flooring varies according to your demands, such as the substrate requirements of a waterproof layer, or higher quality image, etc., so we strongly recommend you contact us. Put forward your demands to get the latest and best price. You can also ask for free samples before you order.
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