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    CharacteristicsTest StandardUnitStandard or Rating
    HDF densityGB/T18102-2007KG/M3≥850
    Class 23EN13329
    general residential use in living rooms and dining rooms
    Class 31EN13329
    more varied locations, such as small offices and other light commercial location
    Class 32EN13329
    higher traffic commercial areas such as boutiques, busier offices, and restaurant
    Abrasion resistanceEN13329, Annex ERAC3≥2000
    Formaldehyde E1EN717-1MG/M30.124
    Length ToleranceEN13329, Annex AMM≤0.5
    Width ToleranceMM≤0.2
    Thickness ToleranceMM≤0.5
    Squareness of the elementMM≤0.2
    Straightness of the surface layerMM/M≤0.3
    Flatness of the element%f w, concave ≤ 0,15 %       f l, concave ≤ 0,50 %
    Openings between elements(mm)EN13329, Annex BMMaverage ≤ 0.15
    max ≤ 0.20
    Height difference between elements(mm)MMaverage ≤ 0.10
    max ≤ 0.15
    Dimensional variations after changes in relative humidityEN13329, Annex CMM≤0.9mm
    Light fastnessEN ISO105-B02
    Blue wool scale ≥6
    EN 20105-A02
    Gery scale ≥4
    Static indentationEN433MMNo visible change
    Surface soundnessEN13329, Annex DN/MM2≥100
    Impact ResistanceEN13329, Annex FMMIC2
    Resistance to stainingEN438
    5, No visible changes
    Resistance to cigarette burnsEN438
    Effect of a furniture legEN424
    No visible changes
    Effect of a castor chairEN425
    No visible changes
    Thickness Swelling rate(%)EN13329, Annex G%≤18
    Slip resistanceEN14041

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