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    All warranties in this Warranty Guide are only given to Original purchasers of our products. Our warranties are not transferable.


    What is Covered?


    Richwood warrants that for the applicable warranty period, your Richwood flooring will be free from manufacturing defects.


    Under normal use and care:

    a. The flooring will not stain.

    b. The flooring surface will not wear through to the decorative design layer

    c. The flooring will not fade from normal sunlight whether direct or indirect

    d. The flooring joint will remain secure.


    It is important you follow our maintenance and installation instructions. The following conditions apply to the warranty and may void the warranty if not followed correctly:

    a. The flooring must be used only indoors in a dry, climate-controlled area. Extreme temperature changes should be avoided as they may lead to unacceptable expansion and contraction.

    b. The flooring must be installed according to the instructions provided together with products.

    c. The flooring must be maintenance according to the care and maintenance guidelines.


    Warranty Exclusions

    a. Damage from improper acclamation or installation. The installer or owner is responsible to verify the suitability of the sub-floor.

    b. Damage from improper maintenance or inadequate care

    c. Accidents abuse or misuse

    d. Damage from exposure to extreme heat, dryness, water saturation or stains

    e. Refinishing or polish (It’s not hardwood!)

    f. Variations of color, shade, or texture of the panels you purchased from those shown on samples or photographs

    g. Any noise or sound issue related to the floor (ex: squeaking, hollow sound, etc.)

    f. The limited warranty does not apply to moldings.

    The preceding list is illustrative but not exclusive of many other kinds of problems not caused by manufacturing defects.


    What will Richwood Do if claim happen?


    Any claim under any of the limited warranties above must be made by contacting us within 15days after the basis for the claim is detected.


    Proof of claimed products (pictures, samples, order information, etc.) also required.


    If Richwood accepts a claim under any of the limited warranties above, we will analyze the problem and work out a final solution with customers within 5 working days. We may give discount or replace product, etc…