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grey color laminate flooring
Date: 2017/11/29

In recent years, Gray has become the most popular neutral color in the wall, carpet and other surface materials. This trend continues to the wooden floor, this trend 【Gray】 first become popular from the Westcoast in the United States, gradually accepted by the East Coast also. Gray wood flooring is regarded as a modern style of decorating, the gray color can be from light to dark gray.Why is it so popular? 

Because the gray tone is more visually full of the beauty of the logs, a little light-colored texture can add visual interest, balance the color sense of space and give people a peaceful and natural style without taking away the decoration style, suitable for all kinds of decoration. Gray colors have an inexplicable high-profile temperament, wild tone makes it become the darling of the Nordic wind.

Richwood flooring, following the Grey trend, develop many grey colors to decorate your room.

Richwood flooring, Beyond your Imagination!

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