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How to distinguish the laminate flooring correctly
Date: 2019/10/25

As the use of laminate flooring is getting higher and higher, more and more variety show up. How can I choose good laminate flooring will be a big question. Now we will teach you how to choose the laminate floor by observing the floor surface.
First, look at the appearance of the floor. If the appearance of the floor is unqualified, its internal structure will not be very good. When looking at the appearance, first, we must see whether the front and back of the floor have obvious indentations: pervious spots of impregnated paper, internal material delamination, cracks, etc., and there is no such things as blisters and bare substrate spots due to defective surface covering. Such a floor may have a phenomenon such as curling and cracking after being used for a period of time, which will greatly affects its use.


Second, look at the color of the floor. If the laminate flooring quality is good, the texture of the pattern is very strong, and you can see the wood grain clearly. There is no pollution of the whole board, and there is no ghost phenomenon. The lines of the pattern are very smooth.
In addition to the above two points, it is also possible to judge the quality of the floor by installing multiple different planks of the same specification floors. If the two pieces floors can be tightly jointed together and there is no gap between the seams, it is also necessary to check wether the two boards have height difference. If not, the quality of the floor is better. When looking at the edge of the floor, you can use your fingers to touch the edge of the floor to see if it is smooth. This also provides an auxiliary guide to the selection of the floor.
Through the above contents, the quality of the floor can be easily evaluated by observing the appearance of the laminate floor. Of course, this method can only screen the floor with lower quality, and this method does not have much effect on a well-made floor. Want to purchase a good laminate flooring easily? Contact us directly. We offer high-grade laminate flooring. No matter how to select, all are good quality products for you. Welcome to visit us.

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