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Cause analysis of common failure in installation of reinforced
Date: 2021/02/07


Composite floor China’s production of wood flooring is divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, multi-layer composite flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring six categories, as well as the emerging wood-plastic flooring. Reinforced floor is generally composed of four composite materials, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, balance (moisture) layer. Laminate flooring is also known as impregnated paper laminate wood flooring, laminate wood flooring, qualified laminate flooring is a layer or layers of special-purpose impregnated thermosetting amino resin. The concrete performance is the floor back is moist, the floor back’s expansion is bigger than the floor front’s expansion, forms the warping.


In the process of construction, the concrete base is sprayed with water and mixed with water-based building materials to increase the water content of the concrete base and damp the back of the moving wooden floor. The moisture content of the concrete base is too high, and the moisture content of the adjacent wall is too high, which increases the moisture content of the back of the moving wooden floor, and causes the moisture absorption expansion, and the expansion is bigger than the front part of the floor.


In the absence of waterproof protection measures, the waterproof heat insulation layer or insulation layer will not be well sealed, so that the movement of the floor damp, expansion than the floor front. Through the movement of the floor wood keel water-bearing system, wool floor paint, evaporation of water absorption through the back of the floor, so that the floor is damp back, the floor moisture expansion of the opposite side of the water content is higher, the positive expansion is greater than the floor, it’s a bit stiff.


The concrete base is installed in the pipe of the condensation water or the humid area of the humid room of the humid hot water pipe joint, or climate change, the relative humidity in the air is high, the humid air also has a greater impact on the back of the stadium. Thick, positive effect and coated with a moisture-resistant coating, moisture-resistant coating behind the floor paint is thinner, will not prevent moisture, affect the speed, the movement of the back of the floor will be affected by moisture.



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