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What does aggrandizement wood floor development need to notice
Date: 2021/03/15


When the world is calling for the arrival of “Low-carbon era”, the types and components of laminate flooring industry have been deeply affected. The traditional laminate flooring made from rare tree species is bound to show a downward trend in floor type composition. Due to similar production costs and price constraints, the development and market acceptance of three-story laminate flooring is slower than laminate flooring. The quality, feel and temperature and humidity of the strengthened floor are similar to those of the strengthened floor. The base material adopts high-quality fast-growing wood to protect resources and be more stable, and the cost is lower than the strengthened wood and the three-layer strengthened wood floor And its glue consumption is only one-tenth of the reinforced floor, more environmentally friendly than the reinforced floor.


Because of the natural characteristics of wood itself, it can be said that “Basically”reinforced floor does not contain harmful substances, the problem lies in its surface coating. In the future, the surface finishing of strengthened floor will be developed from spray painting to oiling. At present, most of the laminate flooring are using PU and UV coating, is a small amount of harmful substances chemical synthesis.



In the future, wood wax oil extracted from plants as a substitute for traditional paint will be widely used in laminate flooring. On the other hand, due to the scarcity of wood raw materials and respect for nature, consumers will gradually relax the requirements of some floors



Whether it is modern contracted still pastoral nature, the collocation possibility that light-colored aggrandizement floor becomes more abundant and recreational in contemporary household adornment. Light color gives a person a kind of bright, warm, peaceful feeling. It represents a kind of no distance of transparent open-minded, easy to break the home dull atmosphere, give a harmonious aesthetic. Light-colored laminate flooring is considered to be a more healthy color, light-colored laminate flooring wood grain is clearly visible, so light-colored laminate flooring quality is poor, it is difficult to mix.




“Style”has become the decisive factor to strengthen the floor consumption. With the further development and maturity of floor manufacturing technology, the quality of laminate flooring will no longer be a problem, people can choose laminate flooring boldly according to their own personality and preferences, rather than the current phenomenon of extensive consumption of laminate flooring. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring the stability of the strengthened floor function, the visual experience of the floor will be more and more valued, and the style and decorative effect will become the key consideration of consumers. A new generation of young business owners has grown up apparently not liking the same consumer choices, emphasizing more distinctive choices and values. At that time to antique reinforced floor, embossed reinforced floor, hand-reinforced floor as the representative of personalized reinforced floor will receive more attention, and some assembly and assembly of the process of strengthening the floor will really recover.



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