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How does aldehyde-free laminate flooring achieve aldehyde-free
 Nov 25, 2021|View:192

Formaldehyde-free laminate flooring is a new board developed this year, which combines the advantages of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring. Its main feature is that it is formaldehyde-free. The harm of formaldehyde in decoration is self-evident, and everyone is paying more and more attention to the harm of formaldehyde. When choosing building materials, especially boards and floors, we must pay attention to its formaldehyde content. Today is to tell you how to make aldehyde-free laminate flooring without aldehyde.

First of all, we have to figure out where the formaldehyde in the decoration comes from. Formaldehyde itself has no smell, so it cannot be detected by the smell. Most of the formaldehyde is contained in the glue, that is, the more glue you use for the floor, the more formaldehyde. The general laminate flooring will use a lot of glue to bond, but the non-formaldehyde laminate flooring uses natural biological raw materials instead of aldehyde-containing glue to solve the formaldehyde problem from the source, which not only ensures the strength and water resistance, but also reduces the wood Loss, environmental protection and safety.

As an advocate of aldehyde-free laminate flooring, Changzhou Runlin Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. not only improves the quality of the floor, but also integrates practicality and appearance on the floor to meet the needs of various styles of decoration. If you want to know more about aldehyde-free laminate flooring, please call the company phone for detailed inquiries, Tel: +86-13616120333.

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