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Matte finish or high gloss laminate flooring
 Apr 27, 2022|View:93

high gloss laminate flooring

It is well known that whether it is a solid wood floor or a reinforced composite floor or a three-layer solid wood composite floor, it is an essential part of home decoration, these floors can be combined with a matte floor and a high gloss laminate flooring, and many people will struggle to decide where to use matte floors and where to use high gloss laminate flooring?
The so-called matte floor and high gloss laminate flooring are actually two different manifestations of the same floor. The former has a significant anti-skid effect while the color changes naturally, while the latter has a better gloss which is very attractive, there are many families in the decoration only to consider the beautiful or not and chose the high gloss laminate flooring, but this has committed the decoration taboo. In-home decoration, we can not only consider aesthetics but also practicality. Although the color of the matte floor is not as bright as that of the high gloss laminate flooring, it is better for anti-skid. For families with old people and children, matte floors are far more practical than high gloss laminate flooring, and high gloss laminate flooring is too bright to cause light pollution in bright places. Can also be precise because of the characteristics of the two floors, they can assume their respective roles in the home. For example in the bedroom and bathroom can choose a matte floor, this can avoid because of high gloss laminate flooring to bedroom light pollution can also avoid water caused by sliding. If you're in a poorly lit room, you can go for high gloss laminate flooring. However, it should be noted that since high gloss laminate flooring is prone to paint loss, it is important to avoid placing high gloss laminate flooring in areas where there will be frequent water in the future, such as the kitchen, etc...
In general, matte floors are best used where there is plenty of light, while high gloss laminate flooring is the opposite in order to avoid light pollution from prolonged exposure. Runlin Flooring as laminate Flooring suppliers, large production capacity, a wide variation. If you'd like to learn more about laminate flooring, please email us at Richwoodfloor@gmail.
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