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Choose AC3 laminate flooring or solid wood flooring
 May 13, 2022|View:392

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According to the types of wood floors, processing methods, and the origin of a variety of scientific names, owners in the purchase must master some basic knowledge, and will not wait to move back to regret. Is it AC3 laminate flooringor solid wood flooring?
Solid wood flooring is made from single-chip logs that have been polished and painted many times. The post-processing procedure is the least, and the additives are the least. In addition, the price of wood is rising, so the price of solid wood flooring is not the people's. But why do so many people still choose solid wood floors? Due to its irreplaceable advantages and characteristics-good touch.Pros: a solid wood floor is like a whole bar of pure chocolate with no additives. Its durability is typically over 30 years, as solid wood is a relatively easy-to-repair material. The surface of solid wood floor is the grain of the wood itself, so the best sense of touch. Disadvantages: solid wood floor texture natural irregular, but easy to heat expansion and cold contraction and appear wear marks, he is very delicate, afraid of hot, afraid of water, afraid of the Sun, afraid of Knock. So it needs a lot of care and regular maintenance.
AC3 laminate flooring is similar to a snickers bar, with chocolate on top and peanuts on the inside. Is the surface hardness of the highest wood floor, it is a layer of fiber paper and aluminum oxide material formed wear-resistant layer, below the decorative layer of wood grain, high-density substrate layer, and balance moisture-proof layer. The high-density substrate layer is a high-density fiberboard made of wood chips and compounds. The rest of the structure is made of chemistry. Many of the reinforced floors are snap-on, making it easy to DIY and disassemble. It's abrasion-resistant, insect-resistant, and shows all the grain and all the colors. Disadvantages: AC3 laminate flooring has the lowest environmental efficiency because its components are less correlated with wood and are essentially chemical products. The texture is rigid, without the nature of solid wood. Because it is not real wood, walking comfort is lower, easy to have sound.
According to their budget, indoor environment, living needs to decide which kind of floor to choose above. The floor color has walnut, beech, teak, and so on color also to have sedate, milky white quietly elegant, full-bodied return to the ancients when choosing, according to own preference can, grain appropriate chooses generous, do not clutter, the texture reflects the quality of the wood. A good solid wood floor and solid wood composite floor have obvious grain, AC3 laminate flooring cross-section compact, uniform color.
Nowadays, more and more families choose to use ac3 laminate flooring. As a supplier of ac3 laminate flooring, Runlin Flooring has a large production capacity and a wide variety of colors. If you want to know more about SPC flooring, please contact Richwoodfloor@gmail.com.

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