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Method to maintain 12mm high gloss laminate flooring in winter
 Jul 21, 2022|View:348


12mm high gloss laminate flooringcan also show subtle variations in temperature, especially in the low winter temperatures, which can lead to cracking, blistering, and deformation, how to maintain the floor is the focus of this season.
First, prevent dampness. Although 12mm high gloss laminate flooring is somewhat waterproof, avoid rinsing with a lot of water during the cleaning process. When using a mop or wet towel, wring out the water until it does not drip, and then wipe. If any water drips on the floor, clean it up in time. Keep the windows and doors closed on rainy days to prevent water from seeping into the floor along the windows.
Second, prevent dust. 12mm high gloss laminate flooring has a wear-resistant finish, but too much dust can seep into the floor seams. Floor cleaning must be done well, clean floor will create a fresh indoor wood environment.
Finally, prevent friction. Although the floor surface has a wear-resistant layer to support it, the friction with sharp objects will still produce scratches, affecting the overall beauty of the floor. In the doorway lays a floor mat, causes the quartz quality silt to remain in the mat but does not bring indoors, the fine quartz quality silt can accelerate the floor wear-resisting layer. The furniture foot should install the plastic cushion to place again on the floor, preventing scratches. Furniture and so on desk and chair should avoid drag, move the position to need to raise, prevent drag to cause floor damage.
12mm high gloss laminate flooring is abrasion-resistant and stress-resistant, but it needs to be carefully maintained in daily life to extend the life of the 12mm high gloss laminate flooring.Richwood as a supplier of laminate flooring, production capacity, a wide variety. For more information on laminate flooring, please send an email to Richwoodfloor@gmail.com.
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