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Is Waterproof laminate wood floor really not affected by moisture
 Nov 18, 2022|View:390
General family when ground decorates choose floor still more, wood floor because of easy give a person a kind of warm texture and receive a lot of people's affection. But we all know that wood floor is the most afraid of moisture, the market in order to constantly meet the needs of customers launched waterproof laminate wood floor, waterproof laminate wood floor is really not afraid of water? Let's have a look!

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The so-called waterproof laminate wood floor, not refers to the floor is not afraid of water, but refers to this kind of floor waterproof performance than the ordinary floor. Through wax-coated technology in the wood floor, the floor groove tenon double-layer sealing treatment, can prevent water into the wood substrate, to achieve the effect of waterproof. Although waterproof laminate wood floor is waterproof, but does not mean that waterproof laminate wood floor can be completely waterproof, water immersion is also no problem.

Floor damp, mildew, deformation is a problem many people will encounter, especially the rainy season. High temperature and warm and humid alternate weather, humid and rainy and abnormal high temperature, wooden floor moisture-proof anti-warping is indeed a big problem, many friends have a floor cracks and mildew spots, arch, paint. In severe cases, delamination cracking occurred directly after rain.

All kinds of waterproof laminate wood floor are commonly used in the market, because they are made of wood, the raw wood fiber has water absorption and expansion, and the hydrophilic resin can also absorb water. Some people soak laminate floors in water, claiming they don't absorb water. This is not true, there are waterproof laminate wood floor in the cross-section of the hands and feet, must be carefully identified.

There is no better floor, only a more suitable floor, we have to use the actual situation to choose the floor to have a better effect. Richwood as a supplier of laminate flooring, production capacity, a wide variety. For more information on laminate flooring, please send an email to Richwoodfloor@gmail.com.
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