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Carpet flooring and high gloss laminate flooring: How should we choose?
 Jan 28, 2023|View:442
With the development of society, many families choose to give their houses decorative decoration, and ground decoration is one of the parts that need to focus on. Carpet flooring and high gloss laminate flooring are both very popular choices in terms of flooring. If you want to design and build a home from the ground up or update an existing space, these two prominent flooring options are almost certainly on your radar.

Choosing the right flooring material can be tricky. By reading our comparison guide, we can learn the differences between carpet and high gloss laminate flooring without considering the cost. Then you'll be able to decide between carpet and high gloss laminate flooring for every room in your home.


1. Look and Feel.
The look and feel of a particular flooring material are important underfoot. Carpet and high gloss laminate flooring are very different in overall look and feel, and they will give any room in your home a different feel.

(1) high gloss laminate flooring.
High gloss laminate flooring comes in slabs or tiles, giving it the appearance of a traditional hard flooring material. The appearance of high gloss laminate flooring varies greatly, and there are many different options on the market: Styles that mimic wood, porcelain tile, natural stone, etc. Unique patterns and textures can also be used when using high gloss laminate flooring in the home.
High gloss laminate flooring has a solid feel to the foot, although it is much softer than natural stone and wood. Many use carpeting to add a softer feel to a room with high gloss laminate flooring.

(2) Carpet flooring.
Carpet flooring comes in a huge variety of styles and textures. Think of the low pile styles in commercial buildings and shag carpets in homes. With carpet flooring, you have a range of options for choosing both look and texture.
You can also choose from a range of different colors and designs. Neutral rugs, dark rugs, colored styles, and even styles with textures and patterns are all available to meet your design goals. As the softest flooring material you can get, carpet is a smart choice when you want to create a relaxing space. This makes carpet flooring a popular choice in bedrooms where hard floors are not as comfortable underfoot.

2. Durability
Whether you're building a brand-new space or working on a one-room renovation project, durability is important regarding flooring. After all, you don't want to be replacing the flooring you seemingly just installed anytime soon. Long-term durability is also an important deciding factor in areas with children and pets. Here's how high gloss laminate flooring and carpeting compare in terms of durability.

(1) high gloss laminate flooring
High gloss laminate flooring is durable, scratch-resistant, easy to clean daily, and lasts for years, even in high-traffic areas. This makes high gloss laminate flooring a great choice for busy homes and spaces with children and pets to play with.
When it comes to high gloss laminate flooring, the quality of the flooring you choose will affect its longevity. Cost-effective high gloss laminate flooring is still durable, but it may provide you with 15 years instead of the 20 to 25 years you can get with top-of-the-line high gloss laminate flooring.

(2) Carpet flooring.
Carpet flooring feels great under your feet and looks great in spaces like bedrooms. But it's not known for long-term durability, at least not unless you're talking about very hard, low-pile commercial carpet. These carpets are not typically used in homes.
With careful care and maintenance, carpets can last 10 to 15 years or more. But in busy spaces, spots, stains, and other damage can cause you to replace your carpet much sooner. In some cases, spot replacement is an option. One trick to extending your carpet's life is choosing designs with patterns or dark colors in busy rooms. These will effectively hide spots and give you a few extra years at the end of your carpet's life.

3. Installation.
You must install it correctly, no matter what flooring material you choose for your home. If you do a DIY installation to save money, the flooring material you choose may affect the efficiency of getting the job done. The cost of installation and working with your existing flooring structure is also a factor. Here's what you need to know about installing high gloss laminate flooring and carpet.

(1) High gloss laminate flooring.
High gloss laminate flooring comes in several varieties, giving you options for installation. If you're doing a DIY installation, tongue and groove high gloss laminate flooring is easier to install in place. High gloss laminate flooring can also be installed over most existing flooring, excluding soft carpet. However, in some cases, your flooring may not be flat enough for a quality installation. This can lead to spalling, cracking, or warping, forcing you to pull up most of the flooring material.
If you have any existing flooring issues, it is best to have a professional install your high gloss laminate flooring. This way, you can ensure a solid structure and guarantee that your durable high gloss laminate flooring will last many years.

(2) Carpet flooring.
Carpet flooring is usually more difficult to install than high gloss laminate flooring. However, it can be installed over hard flooring materials, including those with minor problems. Carpet can hide these problems and will not warp, crack or bend like high gloss laminate flooring. Peel and stick carpet styles have grown in popularity in recent years, but these styles are generally not suitable for long-term use. They also don't work well in large rooms where you need wall-to-wall carpeting.
Professional installation is generally recommended if you choose carpet for your space. A professional's special tools and knowledge will help your carpet look great, feel great, and last as long as possible.

4. Maintenance and repair.
When installing any flooring material in your home, it is important to consider routine maintenance requirements. It is also important to consider how long repairs will be needed and how much they will cost. The following is a comparison of laminate and carpet flooring in terms of maintenance and repair.

(1) high gloss laminate flooring.
High gloss laminate flooring is easy to take care of in your home. Basic cleanings, such as dry mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming, are needed in most cases. About every week or two, wet mopping with a solution specifically designed for high gloss laminate flooring will keep the floor in top condition. When it comes to repairs, installing new laminate floor tiles or planks is usually fairly easy and cost-effective. With high gloss laminate flooring, you should be able to replace damaged areas without pulling up other boards or tiles. For this reason, we recommend purchasing 10% more high gloss laminate flooring than you need for your project. Keeping extra high gloss laminate flooring will allow you to make repairs and keep your flooring in top condition for a long time.

(2) Carpet flooring
Carpet flooring is easy to maintain on a routine basis. With carpet, you only need to vacuum regularly to keep dirt, dust, and other debris out of the fibers. Cleaning up spills when they occur and having your carpet professionally cleaned once a year will also keep it in tip-top shape.
When it comes to carpet flooring, repairs are more difficult. In some cases, your carpet can be repaired on-site. However, extensive damage may require replacing most of the carpet flooring.

These are how to choose between carpet flooring and high gloss laminate flooring. If you need more details, feel free to contact us!
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