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Outstanding features of SPC floor
Date: 2020/03/17


As the number of floor types continues to increase, the number of inferior types on the market continues to increase. 

For SPC flooring, its sales have not been affected at all. 

The reason why such a good sales volume is inseparable 

from the characteristics of the product itself.


SPC floor

画板 4.jpg 

SPC floor is a composite floor composed of calcium powder, polyvinyl chloride and other materials. Its thickness is about 5-12mm, and the effect is especially obvious in the room with floor heating. There are many types of floor styles. The style can be designed according to the texture of wood, or it can be made according to the style of marble or tile.

画板 1.png

installation method

画板 4.jpg

The main installation method is buckle. The effect of installation is similar to that of wooden floor installation. The gap between the two boards is smaller. This floor is completely waterproof and can even be used in bathrooms. Even after being in contact with water for a long time, it can still maintain the normal use effect, which is very suitable for use in areas with heavy rain.


variety of locations 

画板 4.jpg

SPC flooring can be used in a variety of locations. It can be used not only at home, but also in shopping malls with a lot of people. This is mainly because SPC flooring has a very high abrasion resistance coefficient and can be used for five to ten years in places with a lot of people.



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