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What are the specifications of laminate flooring
 Aug 14, 2020|View:560

Among the many types of wood flooring, laminate flooring is more popular. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and simple installation. Now it has become a new choice of flooring in home decoration. What are the specifications of laminate flooring? This is also a problem that people often care about.



From the thickness


In terms of thickness, there are thin and thick. The thinner is about 8mm and the thicker is about 12mm. From the perspective of environmental protection, because the thin floor uses less glue per unit area, it is more environmentally friendly. Thick laminate flooring has a lower density than thin laminate flooring, and its impact resistance is relatively weak, but it is better than the foot feel. Generally speaking, the difference between the thickness and quality of the two types of flooring is not big, and it depends on the user's own choice.


From the specifications


At present, there are mainly three sizes of standard, wide board and narrow board on the market. The width of the wide board and standard laminate flooring is 191-195mm, and the length is about 1200-1300mm. The general length of the narrow plate is 900-1000 mm, and the width is basically about 100 mm. The size is similar to the specifications of solid wood flooring, sometimes we also call it imitation solid wood flooring.


According to the type


The wide board specifications are mainly developed by my country's composite laminate flooring manufacturers to meet the needs of the consumer market. This kind of floor looks very generous, and after laying on the ground, there are relatively few gaps. Most of them are thickened with a thickness of 12mm. The decorative paper on the floor surface is also produced by domestic manufacturers. Although the pattern is flexible and diverse, the color difference is relatively large, and the ability to resist ultraviolet rays is weak.

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